Next Door Nikki
Model Data Next Door Nikki
Stash Shots47
DOBFeb. 06
Height5' 4"
Weight117 lbs.
Shoe Size7.5
34 DD Big Boobs

Super Sheer Bikini
135 Photos, 1 Video

Next Door Nikki's Avatar Time for a little Wicked Weasel!!! I fell in love with these micro bikinis as soon as phil showed them to me. You cant get much hotter then that.

And I finally got to shoot on a highheel chair! On and in front of and behind.

oh and you dont want to miss the last pics, my bikini bottom became a little less than micro...

Next Door Nikki

   Animated Hot Bitch   

phil-flash's Avatar My original web programmer, Code-Monkey and I were really enjoying this shoot! We had Nikki's tight teen ass... almost nude! Her sheer Wicked Weasel bikini wasn'nt leaving much to the imagination.

You could tell that Nikki was feeling this outfit, when we did the leg spread shots... her facial expressions changed to that of, My mom told me not to do things like this, but I feel hot... so fuck it!

This set, allthough an old release... just became brand new to me. As I remastered the pics and the video... I started to fall in love with the Nik again. The new colors that pop out in the images are spectacular. Especially, when you consider that I used the Sony DSC-F828.

I remember getting this camera, my logic was that we were having a bad time ripping digital tapes with our Pro Windows Machines. So I decided to try out a camera that shot video clips as well, which made the video processing a lot easier... but it came with a quality loss. It took me some time to realize that shooting digital clips was not in my best interest.

Regardless of that decision, I believe that it does not matter so much, the quality of the videos that I shot in the past. What matters, is that the girls are so hot, and so classic... that any video of them is priceless!

There are 46 animations from this set

There is one, that I really like. It's what my imagination tells me, what Nikki looks like getting fuck pounded from behind. It's a 9 out of 10 on the "realistic scale". I was able to choke the chicken to it... more than once! haha

This set includes 1 (640 x 480) video and there are 135 full resolution (2592 x 1994) pictures. In addition to that, you get (46 animations) in a zip file called... Animated Fun.

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Super Sheer Bikini
Set Data
TitleSuper Sheer Bikini
StatusRemastered - Final Release

Animated Fun Showcase for "Super Sheer Bikini"

Sexy Hair Flip
Sexy Tit Hig
Legs Spread Pic Taken
Posing for pictures

Nikki's Showcase

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