Next Door Nikki
Model Data Next Door Nikki
Stash Shots47
DOBFeb. 06
Height5' 4"
Weight117 lbs.
Shoe Size7.5
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Bonus #4 Remastered
234 Photos, 1 Video

Next Door Nikki's AvatarYou said you wanted to see more of the tongue stud and here it is!

This set was awesome, there are so many hott poses and really cool lighting because of the blinds in the windows.

I really didnt want to get my hair wet but sacrifices have to be made sometimes lol!

Enjoy! (I did!)

41 Minute Video Runtime!

phil-flash's Avatar This set is yet another instant classic! I always thought of Nikki as a hot little piece teen of ass that I would like to... well you know. In this set... she still looks like a teen... but maybe the word I could use would be beautiful. (I just gagged... I rarely use that word)

Shooting the set was fun like usual... we had a bunch of funny moments and comments, but more importanly... tons of sexiness!

Just watching Nikki is awesome... she does these little things, and looks, and blah... you start to fall in love... or lust at least :)

Those funny moments I talked about... here is one. I was standing up on the bath tub shooting down on Nikki... and I lost my balance. I will tell you the rest in pictures...

Nikki Legs Spread
Here is how hot Nikki was looking while I was shooting her. Maybe that is what "tripped me up"
Nikki O Face
Nikki's expression when she realize I was losing it...
phil-flash falling
And here is me saving myself from landing right in between Nikki's spread legs and wet pussy... dang... maybe I should have taken the "dive"! LOL

If you read Nikki's description above... you would know that she did not want to get her hair wet. Well here is a bit of info. about that...

When you watch the video, pay attention. I told her that she was going to get wet before we started the set, I told her to put her hair in the water several times... and I kept getting that laugh and smile, and she wasn't doing it.

I told myself... you got to get her hair wet now. We had a wet hair war... but I pulled out the victory in the end. woohoo!

I am glad I wond that war... Nikk looks really hot with wet hair.

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Bonus #4 Remastered
Set Data
TitleBonus #4 Remastered
StatusOriginal Release

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