Next Door Nikki
Model Data Next Door Nikki
Stash Shots47
DOBFeb. 06
Height5' 4"
Weight117 lbs.
Shoe Size7.5

Yet, Another Topless Shot!
75 Photos, 2 Videos

phil-flash's Avatar Nikki sims to be a good wife for some lucky big bOOb, freckle faced, and gorgeous brown eye lover out there, because she is such a giver. What is a giver? It's a woman that makes her man's life easy and gives, which reduces friction in a relationship and satisfies her man so that in turn, he can give her the world. Anyway, this set highlights two examples of Nikki's willingness to give. The first, was when she was in the bathroom applying lip gloss and I came up behind her to get some extra video footage, without hesitation she turned, smiled, and began to show off the booty. And then, towards the end of the set, we were taking pictures of her GINORMOUS bOObs covered by her forearm, well... I looked down at my camera for a second and she says this...

Next Door Nikki's Avatar "phil... you better get this shot!"

Next Door Nikki

I look back up, and whoooaaaah! Fuck me! I got confused! I did not know what to look at, those big fuckin' free range DD's or that little "you wanna fuck me smirk/smile" on her face. I had to capture this exact second! Franticly, I got my camera up, composed the photo, and fired off the shutter... in exactly .003 nanoseconds. Because of Nikki's willingness to give, we now have a whopping total of 40 topless stash shots!

The topless shot may be the pinnacle of this set, but there are other things to look for as well. There is this incredible full body ass shot that Nikki pulled off, it's curvy, long, sexy, round, friggin hot, and oh my goodness... your first thought is... "I wanna fuck that!" You will see that I took several varaiations of this shot. Also, the video was originally released as a "squished" SD (4:3) video. I have corrected this to WideScreen (16:9) and transcoded the member download video with a bit rate of 10 Mbit/s. Then there is one of the main things about the video, I wanted to capture the point of view of what it's like to be on top of this hot little 19 year old... you all need to know what that looks like! This point of view was supposed to be the main concept of the set, but thanks to Nikki's giving nature, we now have two pinnacles! Is that even possible?

Next Door Nikki's Avatar This shirt from VS is soooo comfy to lay around in, but its a bit more than what I usually wear to bed...I need to remedy this problem :)

Next Door Nikki

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Yet, Another Topless Shot!
Set Data
TitleYet, Another Topless Shot!
StatusRemastered - Final Release
Stash Shots1

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