Nikki sits on a couch in lingerie with her legs open
TitleNine-Teen and Wearing Sexy Lingerie
StatusRemastered - Final
Animated Fun62
Release Date2018-04-24

Nine-Teen and Wearing Sexy Lingerie
Next Door Nikki

Next Door Nikki avatarSeriously how hott is this outfit!! I absolutely loved it! I kinda felt like a stripper in it but it was really sexy. I thought the shoes looked really good with the fishnets too, but it took me like 20 minutes to figure out how the fishnets fit into the strappy things, tells you how often I wear lingerie. It was pretty funny :)

phil-fucking-flash avatarSeeing a 19 year old girl wearing sexy lingerie is breathe taking. In the past, I really didn't give a shit and took sets like this one for granted. But now, something has matured in my logic... and I am seeing things I never saw before. That matching bra, thong, and garter belt set looks stunning on her. And that bra... it's a C-cup bra with those big DD boobs literally stuffed and smashed in there, this may sound strange... but it's an arousing tidbit for me at least. Then you add the fishnet stockings and platform stripper heels... fuck me! It's just the way you might want to see the girl next door... no? Dressed up for a romantic romp in super sexy lingerie!

There are a few things that really stand out to me in this picture set. One would be Nikki's hips. Hips were subliminal to me in the past, but now... they are one of those things that just get me going. How about you? Another stand out that goes along with those sexy hips would be the hourglass (Barbie) shape of her body, which shows off her sexy rib cage. I may be fucked in the head, but for some reason the rib cage on a woman can be mezmerizing! Anyway, you either now know that I have mental problems, or that I am normal like you... lol.

The 120 remastered images are quite lovely. They are in full resolution, right off the camera. The color correction verses the original release which was really yellow/orange, now has true whites and blacks. The pictures look fantastic in my opinion. I also included 23 outtakes this time around... which have their own fun and candid appeal. Overall, I am quite happy with this photo set... after the remastering of course.

I could not sleep last night, so I made a coffee and sat out on the porch with my laptop. I wanted to make a few animations for fun and realized that my Photoshop "droplet" app was not working. I had created an automated action to take all video clips from a folder into Photoshop and save them back as a Photoshop file with frame animation layers. The problem was that Apple decided that all apps now need to be 64bit rather than 32bit. So after 30 minutes of research, I realized I had no choice but to recreate the automated app. UGH!

So, three hours later I had the app recreated and 62 unedited frame animation files. I took 10 at a time into Photoshop and went at it. Making Nikki do fantasized sexual acts, strange, and funny things by manipulating video frames is fucking fun! Anyway... hopefully some of you are happy that the Animated Fun is back now too.

Collect this set and all of Nikki's topless content today!

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Animated Fun Showcase Nine-Teen and Wearing Sexy Lingerie

Animated Fun Disclaimer: Please be advised that the animations I created here are for fun. They may or may not depict actual events. They are strictly for fun and fantasy.

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Photo SetRemastered - Final3264 x 244897468.40 MBZip File
SD VideoBehind the Scenes Photo Shoot640 x 48012.11 GBMP4 Video
SD VideoTour Trailer640 x 4801182.51 MBMP4 Video

Showcase Next Door Nikki

Nikki leans over a couch in a see through sheer top
Sheer Cleavage
Nikki kneels on a bed in a see through top
Nikki squeezes top to make cleavage
Nikki lifts her wet t-shirt showing boobs
Nikki slides her back down a wall topless
Nikki holding onto two bottles of water with a big smile
Nikki places the stripper pole inbetween her boobs
a down shot of Nikki squatting showing cleavage
open shirt revealing boobs
Nikki's bra around her waist and boobs exposed
Nikki shows her panties in a mall parking lot
Pierced Nipples
Nikki in a standing legs and ass pose
Nikki covers her nipples with her fiingertips
Nikki shows her foot sole in a kneeling pose
Nikki with one arm covering her boobs

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